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New Horizons

Sep 2017

My long time client tinker imagineers have recruited me to join their core team of creatives. As of[...]

Cold Blood

Jun 2017

Clog Night The Freeforce, a network of freelance advertising professionals, holds events and drinks[...]

Coca Cola & KNVB

Mar 2017

Coca Cola & KNVB For postproduction house Darlings Post I have delivered 3D modeled assets for[...]

Klokko Honkbal & Caracopter

Mar 2017

Klokko They keep on coming, the hilarious Tell Sell satires of Klokhuis’ Klokko, all made by[...]


Sep 2016

The 48 Hour Film Project is a contest where teams have 48 hours (duh!) to make a complete short[...]


Sep 2016

Klokko Remember Tell Sell? Loud commercial TV for things you didn’t know you needed. At[...]


Jul 2016

Have you ever tried to cook on a wood fire? Gathering wood takes ages, then you have to build the[...]


May 2016

From 23 April through 18 October 2016 the Dutch National Military Museum featured the exhibition[...]

Cyborg tree

Jan 2016

Another Doodletime ™ image! Trees also have the right to be cyborgs. This photo is actually a[...]

Earth in detail

Nov 2015

For the newly built experience in museum Continium in Kerkrade my client Tungsten Pro needed a[...]

5 hospital characters (2015)

Jun 2015

5 Characters   In 2014 I have developed five characters, starting from a concept by Tinker[...]

Queen opens hospital with character

Jun 2015

For the last year I have been working on the five CG characters that were revealed to the press on[...]

Shower Room @ Art Venture

Apr 2015

Rust & Art   Bare structure, steel, rust, cables & art. That’s what Art Venture[...]

QIPC explosion

Apr 2015

Explode a CAD QI Press Controls needed a visualisation of their groundbreaking Offset Press Control[...]

Omroep West interview

Apr 2015

My work for Tinker Imagineers on the five characters for the Juliana Childrens Hospital has led to[...]


Feb 2015

Famous Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf was preparing a video installation (yes, he does those too),[...]

VGtv (2014)

May 2014

Vlisco, it’s about stories 170 years ago, a ship sailed from Java to Holland, returning[...]


Apr 2014

Marble Bugatti Cars, beasts of cars… secretly what all boys (and some girls) want. This Bugatti[...]

Mjølnir, Thor’s Hammer (2013)

Jul 2013

Mythical On the eve of Ragnarok, the legendary battle between the Norse Gods, Loki steals the[...]

Thor’s Hammer opens in Oslo

Jun 2013

The theme park ride we have been working on for the last year will be opening on 22 June, the day[...]

Granny Lane premieres on 5 July

Jun 2012

My short Granny Lane will premiere on 5 July 2012 at Pathé Tuschinski in Amsterdam. This is the[...]


Apr 2010

Another doodle-time product. Enjoy.[...]

We got balls of steel

Oct 2008

A merger between two steel companies required the development of a new logo, for which I had to[...]

Documents please

Nov 2007

National broadcasty company IKON TV needed photorealistic animated passports for each of the[...]


Oct 2007

The car parts company AutoMaster wanted to have a new visual identity, including a character.[...]

Rat van Fortuin

Oct 2007

National broadcasting company BNN asked us to animate the leader for comedy game show Rat van[...]

Smooth truckin’

Oct 2007

titel Valvoline has greased the world for a good many years. What better to illustrate that, than a[...]

Tunneling Under

Oct 2007

In order to convince the local powers that be, a visualisation was made of a bicycle tunnel[...]

We did a runner

Sep 2007

For as long as 3D CGI has been around (a loooong time, or so it seems), believable digital humans[...]

Beer Experiment

Sep 2007

Our client developed an online campaign for beer manufacturer Grolsch, and asked us to design and[...]

Voxel conversion

May 2007

Pixels are flat, but what if you would make them 3D? Then they’re called voxels. Publicis asked[...]

Stripping a Merc

Jul 2006

Project Description Saatchi & Saatchi wanted to show all the improvements in the Model E[...]