The 48 Hour Film Project is a contest where teams have 48 hours (duh!) to make a complete short film. From briefing to delivery in just 2 days! The concept has a huge following all over the world, and is organised per city. Team BulletPilot from Rotterdam asked me to join them for the Rotterdam 48HFP-weekend.

Friday 26 August at 7 PM all 44 teams got their obligatory genre, character name, sentence and prop. Team BulletPilot got SciFi, Peter/Petra de Reuver, “The Answer is yes, but what’s the question?”, and a rubber band. The writer and the director started writing immediately, well through the night. During the shoot on Saturday the editor got the finished shots, and passed the effect shots to me for some over the top treatment. On Sunday 28 August at 7 PM the director, Rick Bazuin, delivered a USB stick with the finished short at cinema LantarenVenster in Rotterdam. Phew!

One week later at the official Award Ceremony we found Popje to be among the most nominated films with four nominations!
-Best Special Effects (that’s me!)
-Best Writing
-Best Use of Rotterdam
-Best Sound Design