About me

I produce animation and do post-production. The tools I have extensively used are Lightwave3D with Octane renderer, Modo, Cinema4D, After Effects, and Photoshop.

Other tools I have some experience in are Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Audition, Digital Fusion, e-on Vue, and I’m not afraid of new software. Special projections are a favorite, and I’m a nice guy.

As of September 4, 2017 I have a day job as a full time concept developer & animation director at tinker imagineers, one of my most valued clients, so I no longer take on big jobs through Dugour Productions. I’m still open for the very nice, very beautiful projects that can do without day time working hours. If you think your special project fits that bill, you can always drop me a message.

I started more than 20 years ago as a genuine 3D-guy, but my experience now includes much more than that. Over the last decades, the field has broadened to include not only 3D CGI, but also digital visual effects, character animation in 3D and 2D, motion graphics, post-production services and photography. My clients range from theme parks and museums, to advertising agencies, film production companies, international brands, architectural & product designers and game companies.I have been working as an independent producer since 1995, when I started as Anitime 3D Computer Animation. After growing to a two man company, we merged with Lemonade Animation (may the Flying Spaghetti Monster have its soul), which brings us to my current company Dugour Productions.My work includes theme park rides, museum exhibits, special one-off events, tv-commercials, short films, VFX for feature films, medical & educational productions, architectural visualisations, product visualisations, design & animation for videogames and other media. I have produced work for a lot of companies and organisations, including P&P Projects, Corpus Experience, Saatchi & Saatchi, Tinker Imagineers, and for a lot of brands such as Calvin Klein, Canon, Philips, Lays, Mercedes, Valvoline, ABN-AMRO, Heineken, Transavia, QDance, Hero, Media Markt, Ambipur, and many others.
My work is and was showing at many themeparks, museums, cinemas, events, and on TV.Creatively working on projects that include technical challenges, such as special projections, stereo 3D, seamless looping have my special interest, and I love thinking with you about how to tackle your particular needs. Please contact me early on in your project for best results.In addition to commercial work I produce non-commercial work, which I showcase (very) piecemeal through my personal site.For more information, please contact me, no strings attached.
I create pretty pictures, of things that don’t exist. With digital tools to create, and to visualise, still or moving. Either as a production company in my own workspace in Amsterdam, or as a freelancer in another working environment.
I have a tendency towards realism, but I’m not afraid of surrealism, non-realism, or hyperrealism.What I do has been called by many names: 3D animation, 3D graphics, 3D design, CG, CGI, computer animation, computer graphics…
In the end, it is all about making the tool work for the job, and that’s what I do. Through either hard work, or smart work, or both.There is no “Make 3D”-button. There is no “Make Beautiful”-button. I have loads of buttons, but it’s about how and when to push, not just which.

The Undo-button is nice, though.

I have a strong background in 3D, which goes back more than 25 years. But even though our minds map the world in 3D, our eyes perceive the world in 2D, with all the effects included. So the work field includes all kinds of 2D image manipulation and enhancements. In short: anything to get a pretty picture!If this is all too woolly and general for your taste, I’ll give you a nice list now of my main skills:

  • 3D modeling, shading, texturing, animation in several software packages (Lightwave, Cinema4D, Modo)
  • 2D Photoshop
  • 2D After Effects
  • 2D editing

Other experience:

  • Directing (live action & animation)
  • 2D & 3D camera work
  • VFX-supervision
  • Technical projection consultancy

Everything depends on the result. What comes out of all that button pushing? In short: anything you like. As a longer answer, here’s a list of things I really like to do:

  • Theme park rides
    Been doing those since 1998, nine complete productions up until now:
    Escher Revisited in VR Valley (1998)
    Bata VR (1999)
    Blackbeards Revenge (2001)
    Submarine Ride (2004)
    Escher VR (stereoscopic, 2005)
    Corpus Heart Ride (stereoscopic, 2008)
    Corpus Womb Ride (stereoscopic, 2008)
    Night of the Living Chocolate (stereoscopic, 2010)
    Mjølnir, Thor’s Hammer (stereoscopic, 2013)
  • Visual Effects (VFX)
    One feature: Adrenaline (Roel Reiné, 2003)
    And even a winner of the Golden Calf for Best Short: Dr. Vogel (Lodewijk Crijns, 2004)
  • Medical visualisation
    Corpus was the major project in this field: an extensive tour through the whole human body. Yum, science!
    And it all started in 1995, when working at Toonder Studio’s, where I collaborated on a film about the effects of smoking on the human body.
  • Educational animation
    Including the Toonder Studio’s production and Corpus, of course. But also about effects of alcohol on the human body, about nuclear fusion, about soundwaves in the earths crust, and physics in everyday life.
  • Interactive 3D: AR & VR
  • Product visualisation
  • Leaders, bumpers, station calls
  • Animated corporate identities (“Flying Logo’s”)

There’s lots more things, but you get the point.

If your specific thing is not listed here, just drop me a line, and I’ll probably figure out a way to make you happy.

Oh, and any of these things can be done in Stereo 3D as well!