Have you ever tried to cook on a wood fire? Gathering wood takes ages, then you have to build the fire until it’s hot, and then wait for ages, inhaling acrid smoke, until your food is cooked. Imagine having to do that every day, your whole life, like a lot of people in rural Africa (and other parts of the world).

On the upside: your will not suffer very long, because smoke is poisonous. Every year, 4 million people die of the effects of smokey cook fires. That’s about the population of New Zealand! And mostly women. African Clean Energy strives to provide clean cooking and sustainable energy to those people that need it, for a price that they can afford.

Enter: the ACE1. A sturdy, robust stove, that will burn any dry fuel. Be it cow dung, bamboo, small sticks, empty corn cobs, or leaves. It will burn without smoke, with only water and CO2 as a result, and will save 70% on fuel. That’s 70% of gathering time saved, not to mention 70% of trees. It will burn at 1000 degrees Celsius, cooking your meal in much less time. The time you have left, you can spend on your school work or studies, with the attachable LED light. Or keeping in contact with your family and friends with your mobile phone, which you can charge at the built in USB port.
After the successfull crowdfunding, the family owned company is now mass producing these stoves in Lesotho. Also providing fair wages and working conditions to their employees.

The company is expanding into new territories, and although they already had a very good promotional video by Mr. Lee, they still lacked a proper sales video. I have produced high quality 3D models of the ACE1 and its accessories, and made an animation explaining the inner workings and showing it off in all its beauty. All without text or voice over, so it is language independent and can be used in Africa, Asia, South America, and anywhere else.

For the nature loving people in the more fortunate countries, you can also order one through their website, and start cooking in the park, on the beach, in the boat, and on the camping!