Bata VR Brand Experience (1999)

Bata Brand Experience

In 1999 the Professional Footwear department of Bata wanted a VR Brand Experience for a large international fair in Germany. After the well publicised success of the Escher VR Experience in the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam in 1998, Leonardo Interactive approached me for this job. An 8 minute VR Ride, where the audience would feel the motion through a moving platform. Gerard towards effect, with a little space for Brand Messaging at certain points of course. The concept was a given: an underground factory, right underneath the fair! How convenient!

The design of the underground factory was still completely open, although there were some sketches made of key narrative points. This was a start2end production: from a couple of sketches to a full working VR exprience, and easy to transport and set up as well. It had to go to Germany for a week, you know…

Just for fun, here’s a fully rendered storyboard: