Coca Cola & KNVB

For postproduction house Darlings Post I have delivered 3D modeled assets for an animation, used in an app. It’s all about realism here, which is what Darlings do best. My contribution was the painstakingly precise modeling of almost every asset. Up to the nuts and bolts of the special fridge, every little ridge in the Nike footbal, and all kinds of containers of Coca Cola. From the nice little slim bottle to the cans and 1,5L bottle. And the whole environment, of course.
Final shading, lighting and animation for the client was done by Robert Okker of Darlings Post.

The shape of a Coca Cola bottle may seem eternal, but there have been many updates over the years. This particular bottle is the latest version, and uses significantly less glass. That makes it cheaper to transport, and it’s also more environment friendly. (This particular render was done by me, and was not used in the project.)