5 Hospital Characters (2015)

Jun 2015

5 characters for the HAGA-JKZ   In 2014 I have developed five characters, starting from a[...]

Mjølnir, Thors Hammer (2013)

Jun 2013

Mjølnir, Thor’s Hammer Mythical On the eve of Ragnarok, the legendary battle between the[...]

Granny Lane (2012)

Sep 2012

Granny Lane (2012) Way back when, an ambition to make a music video, and to also make the track,[...]

Corpus (2008)

Sep 2008

Corpus, journey through the human body Conception Our Queen Beatrix opened the museum CORPUS,[...]

Escher the Ride (2005)

Oct 2005

Escher VR 2005 Two rides In 1998 I made a VR motion ride for the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, about the[...]

Submarine Ride (2004)

Jul 2004

The Earth Explorer Centre in Oostende (Belgium), dedicated to the first Belgian astronaut Dirk[...]

Blackbeards Revenge (2000)

Dec 2000

Blackbeards Revenge Het Arsenaal (Vlissingen, The Netherlands) is a themepark about the sea, and[...]

Bata VR Brand Experience (1999)

Nov 1999

Bata Brand Experience In 1999 the Professional Footwear department of Bata wanted a VR Brand[...]