Granny Lane (2012)

Way back when, an ambition to make a music video, and to also make the track, was born and shattered. It appeared, music was very difficult to make for this 3D animator called Daniel. So, the project gathered dust on a virtual shelf for years.In 2011, Daniel Dugour decided to rework the story, and sent it to il Luster for consideration. They liked it, and sent it in for UltraKort, a program of the Dutch Film Fund and Pathé Cinemas. Every year, the Film Fund and Pathé select 4 scenarios, of maximum 2 minutes length, and make it financially possible to produce them. They premiere in June at Pathé Tuschinski, and continue on to a nationwide release. Daniels short “Granny Lane” premiered in July 2012 and played for more than 200.000 visitors over the nest few months.

The original idea was for a music video, but as Daniel discovered his non-talent for music composition, someone who had a proven track record joined in: Brainpower. A long time animation fan, he already had a couple of animated clips to his CV. Brainpower was so enthusiastic about the story, that he decided to write a whole new track, exactly at storyboard length, specifically for this animation! That made us in turn very enthusiastic of course, so in the end everything served a double purpose. The track was remixed and became the sound track for the animation, and the animation became the music video for the full track called “Hing Hing Hing” (2012). Talking about cross-disciplinary-pollination!
Here’s the full video of Granny Lane for your enjoyment.