Queen opens hospital with character

For the last year I have been working on the five CG characters that were revealed to the press on 12 June. They appear throughout the brand new hospital building of the Juliana Kinderziekenhuis, and give the kids something to see and feel a little bit better. Knuf, Blij, Vouw, C-Bot and the Vizzels appear on the wallpaper, in projections, and on screens. Ranging from statues at the entrance, to playful welcome animations when children wake up from surgery. An impression of the characters at their press conference can be seen here:



Our Queen continued an old tradition, and opened the new building officially, as did her mother in law and great-grandmother in law for the previous buildings. The open and very light building, designed by Meyer en Van Schooten Architects (MVSA), is unlike any other hospital I’ve ever seen. Airy and open, it has a modern and chic atmosphere, with rounded shapes.

Very beautiful indeed, but not especially suited to distract sick children from the nature of their visit. My client Tinker Imagineers was asked to add their magic touch, and provide themed elements for kids to look at and play with. The rounded shapes and clear lines of the building design can easily be recognised in the designs they made for the wallpaper and the play objects. I was asked to develop their concepts for five characters further, and produce all renders for the wallpaper. I also produced several animations that bring the wallpaper to life, using 2D and 3D elements, and the characters. The animations are videomapped onto the wallpaper, using the available printed patterns. By hiding the edges of the projections, and just highlighting little details, a magic effect is created, for children to wonder at. The projections do not look like a rectangular screen, but like little glowing pieces of the wallpaper that come alive.

These projections are used in the corridor to the operation wing, the airlock to the operation rooms, and in a treatment room. In the recovery rooms the children who are waking up can look at iPads showing a gentle, happy animation of the five characters coming in to have a look at them.

In the near future several enhancements and extra animation will be produced and installed.